Realization Glass Made in Italy

We at Vetroinox, starting from the thirty years of experience acquired by Vetromontaggi, today continue and develop, with a team of expert professionals, the glass processing and transformation activity, expanding the range of products offered and certifying them in compliance with current European reference standards .

Timeless Form and Substance

Transparent to visible light, washable and sanitizable as well as being versatile and resistant depending on the applications.

Most of the uses of glass derive from its transparency, its chemical inalterability and its versatility.

Leader in the glass sector

Our wide range of production includes:

  • Insulating glass
  • Noise-proof glass
  • Walkable glass
  • Glass doors and elevators
  • Glass railings, roofs and stairs
  • Structural glass facades
  • Glass accessories
  • Glass for high-speed train windows